MRose Fashion Corp.

The journey of Matilda Rose began March 8, 2014. At just seven weeks old and larger-than-life, I had no idea how much this incredible, selfless and loving dog would impact my world. Matilda has shown and gifted me with the depth and capacity to love and be loved, unconditionally. This majestic creature has inspired me to create a brand that celebrates her beauty and greatness.

In the fall 2020, MRose came to life.

I hope that her legacy is warmly welcomed and cherished by all, for many years to come. We hope that you enjoy our products. Each item was carefully developed with love and honor for Matilda Rose.

Thank you for supporting our business!

Fondly, Dina and Matilda Xxo

Inspirational thoughts by Dina: Developing a brand in the middle of a pandemic is incredibly challenging and uncertain. With a little persistence, courage, determination and desire to succeed, the concept blossomed.

Leap for the sky, believe you can do anything and always, ALWAYS, bet on yourself and cross the finish line.

Dream on and let the stars align!


We would like to thank the following persons who have provided services, along with some of our dear friends, who helped with ideas and feedback during development. We appreciate the following amazing humans whose incredible love and support will never be forgotten:

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